I work with awesome clients and am dedicated to giving them top-notch service.  Here is what some of them have to say:


Uzair Ahmed, Asset Integrity with Baker Hughes

Thanks Lauren for all your help! You’ve been great because you don’t bore me down with theory but actually teach me how to apply the knowledge you’ve gained into real world scenarios. Also even though I hate half of the “drills” you make me do, they really work! I’m a much more capable speaker now than I was before. On top of that, I really appreciate how you tailor your sessions to what will help me the most at work at the present moment. This is way better than going through a rigid lesson plan!


Karine Orser, Sales Director – Transamerica Life

Lauren is one of the most professional consultants I’ve ever worked with. She is leaps and bounds above her industry. I have gotten great success from my coaching sessions with Lauren and I have no quams when the invoice shows up.


Lance Lee – Business graduate, University of Alberta

I had a great experience working with you over the four weeks. You taught me important communication skills that really changed how I communicate with others. You were a great coach, and always helpful. You gave great criticism that really helped me improve on my weaknesses. Thank you for the great learning experience and will be glad to work with you in the future!

I hope you have a great month and congrats again! it was awesome working with you and thanks again!


Bernard Chan, MSc, CLU, Chartered Financial Consultant

I was a Professional Speaker in Singapore some 20 years ago and I trained young union leaders in the Asia Pacific Region on learning skills cum positive thinking. I am a Chartered Financial Consultant and Chartered Life Underwriter by profession.

I attended Lauren Sergy’s presentation in our life insurance brokerage office in May 2012. Her broad confident smile immediately gave me the first impression that she knew what she was delivering….’Delivering persuasive speech to a difficult audience’. Less than 10 minutes into her 45 minutes workshop she underscored my first impression!

After her speech Lauren agreed to come to one of my presentation on my part-time networking business to be the critic. I am so glad for all her constructive comments, from my body language, loundness, eye contacts with the audience, etc. Her comments come along with encourage to empower me to become a more persuasive speaker. She is beyond the level of a Professional Speaker.



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Up Front Communication delivers high-impact training in key communication skills such as public speaking, persuasion, and presentation delivery. Let experienced speaker and trainer Lauren Sergy help you and your employees better your communication skills through challenging and entertaining one-one-one coaching and group workshops.

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