Communication is one of the most important, most powerful skills to have in work and in life.  The ability to talk, to persuade, to listen, and to present has massive impact on your success.  In business and social environments so heavily mediated by technology and distance contact, these so-called “soft skills” have become increasingly rare – and increasingly desirable.

I help you, your employees, and your colleagues to develop crucial communication skills such as public speaking, persuasiveness, presentation, speech delivery, written communication, and one-on-one interactions.  High-impact, high-value lessons are a hallmark of my services; I provide instructions that are immediately actionable and incorporate clients’ real-world work as much as possible into each lesson.

I offer a variety of custom communication training and consultation services, including

  • One-on-one coaching for individuals, employees, and executives
  • Corporate workshops and training
  • Focused consultations and coaching for specific presentations or speeches
  • Writing and editing services
  • Conference presentations, professional development lectures, and Lunch-‘n’-Learn sessions
  • Other related consultation services

For more information regarding distance consultation, custom program design, on-site training, and fees, please contact me at sergy [at] upfrontco [dot] com.


One thought on “Services

  1. Thanks Lauren for all your help! You’ve been great because you don’t bore me down with theory but actually teach me how to apply the knowledge you’ve gained into real world scenarios. Also even though I hate half of the “drills” you make me do, they really work! I’m a much more capable speaker now than I was before. On top of that, I really appreciate how you tailor your sessions to what will help me the most at work or school at the present moment. This is way better than going through a rigid lesson plan! And you know how highly I recommend you because of all the business I’ve sent your way 🙂

    Posted by Uzair Ahmed | August 7, 2012, 12:35 PM

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Up Front Communication

Up Front Communication delivers high-impact training in key communication skills such as public speaking, persuasion, and presentation delivery. Let experienced speaker and trainer Lauren Sergy help you and your employees better your communication skills through challenging and entertaining one-one-one coaching and group workshops.

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