Hello, my name is Lauren Sergy, and welcome to Up Front Communication

I provide coaching, consultation, and training relating to interpersonal communication, particularly for professional and business circumstances.  Interpersonal communication situations run the gamut: delivering reports at weekly meetings, having productive one-on-one conversations with your own clients, giving a presentation in front of an auditorium full of people, speaking to the media on behalf of your company, and so on.

Why me?

What does years of training and experience in acting, radio, corporate training, dance, conference lecturing, literature, rhetoric, and general loudmouthing get you?  A hell of a good public speaking and communications coach, that’s what.

People kept asking me to show them how to speak in front of a crowd.  After giving presentations about databases, or staff engagement, or whatever the topic of the event was, I’d get several requests asking if I would give presentations about presenting.  Or about dealing with tough conversations.  Or about turning a boring topic into an interesting one.

So I started teaching people how to do those things, and more.  And while doing that, I discovered that this is exactly what I am meant to do.  I am here to enable people to speak up, be heard, get their message across, be understood, and have a really good time doing it.

Now let me help you do the same!

Why ‘Up Front’?

Up Front is one of my personal tenants for communicating, whether it is a speech, a presentation, a performance, or an email.  To be up front is to approach communication with a sense of honesty and confidence.  When you are up front with yourself about your aims and goals, you can be truthful with the people with who you are communicating.  This doesn’t mean that you can’t be strategic – I thoroughly encourage developing good, solid communication strategies combined with thorough planning.  Honesty brings sincerity and confidence, which creates more trusting exchanges between a speaker and an audience, regardless whether the audience is one person or many.


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Up Front Communication

Up Front Communication delivers high-impact training in key communication skills such as public speaking, persuasion, and presentation delivery. Let experienced speaker and trainer Lauren Sergy help you and your employees better your communication skills through challenging and entertaining one-one-one coaching and group workshops.

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